Oh my, where to start? The overall draft was edge of your seat excitement. Seven lineman in the first seven picks, only one QB taken in the first round and NO running backs (not since '63 has that happened). Crazy stuff right there.

Every year we hear the same song and dance from the Vikings - can't believe the guy was still here. But ladies and gentlemen, it's true this year. The Shariff was in everyone's top 5 picks and there he is at number 23. That's a no brainer. Steinborn could have made that decision. So what if the guy has short arms and small feet - it's the size of his heart that should be measured. All I could think of is that tune - "small hands you know you're the one!" (I'm going have to down load some Violet Friends - what a great band.)

Next up the Vikings are listening to Bnag who predicted this pick nicely and the Vikes take the long, lanky CB Rhodes from Florida. (Bnag is probably one of the top 2 or 3 football minds in town - Fuzzy is #1) Anytime you can get a guy named Xavier you got something good. Although I don't like his transition out of the back pedal which will be a liability.

But in the boldest move of the draft the Vikings trade a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 7th to move up and get Collateral Patterson - the best WR in the draft. I've seen some people crying that the Vikes gave up 4 guys for him and I've got to say these guys can't do math (typical Arlington guys - I blame Carlson). Henderson math tells me that 4 - 1 = 3. The Vikings traded 3 picks not 4 - hello! Minnesota fans will be talking for years about the great WR's to come through Minnesota = Sammy White, Quadry Ishsmells, Cris Carter, Buster Rhymes, Randy Moss, Troy Williamson and Collateral Patterson.

The big question now is what about MLB and how is that going to get filled now with lower picks in the draft. It won't come from there - it's coming from the practice squad like a Rhino through the water and his name is Audie Murphy. It's looking like if the Vikings can stay healthy it will be a DEEP playoff run, again. SKOL!

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