Funny how every team in the league knew that this Shariff or whatever from Florida had short arms except the Vikings. That's the knock anyway, and why they figured he fell from being a top six pick all the way to us at 23. We get suckered every year. Funny that a guy that played for the Florida GATORS would have short little alligator arms.

And the cornerback, Xavier Rhodes, or whatever. He WEARS GLASSES!! How many NFL players do you see wearing glasses. What if he breaks them in a game and doesn't have another pair? This isn't Junior High Football, this is the NFL, and that stands for Not For Long if your glasses break and you can't see the ball.

OH, and let's trade four years worth of special teams players and depth for a guy that catches the ball too close to his body and from all reports is a bad route runner.

Just Brilliant. Next headline I'll read is that we've invited Hershel Walker to training camp as an unsigned free agent.