This is an email Bill Bjorndahl received from Newtown CT as a result of Park and Hilltop students doing a a fund drive that raised over $1000 for the children of Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Thanks go out to Kathy Leary (1st grade teacher) for organizing this effort and to the students at Park and Hilltop Elementary Schools for showing their Giant Pride!

Dear Principal Bjorndahl -

I am a volunteer at the Newtown CT Donation Center, so I am not sending you this e-mail in an official capacity, but wanted to acknowledge the incredible letters that you and your students sent to Newtown Elementary. At the Donation Center, we have been receiving and sorting through all the items being sent to Newtown from around the world. The donation center consists of several very large rooms within a warehouse, and as you might expect, it is filled with thousands of boxes that come in daily with donations of everything imaginable. Because of the overwhelming volume of the donations, it is virtually impossible for the town or the school to acknowledge and respond to the individual donations, although I’m certain they would like to.
I am one of the individuals who opens boxes as they come in daily, and we do an initial sort of items to get them to their appropriate work station for further sorting and ultimately delivery, whether to the new elementary school, a church, fire or police station, hospital, victim’s families, etc. When we saw the incredible letters that you and the students at Park Elementary sent to the children of Newtown Elementary, we were all overwhelmed. The thought and care for the children of Newtown that was expressed in those amazing letters was nothing short of incredible.

We will take care to separate the letters and put them on display at the Newtown Municipal Building immediately.

Again, thank you for your incredible thoughtfulness, care and support for Newtown.

Regards. Rob

Rob Nordlinger

Newtown Donation Center Volunteer