I was served a healthy plate of reminder this AM by those talking head sports experts on the Twin Cities most popular sports station. Sorta like this, when the offense stinks we always compain about the Offensive Coordinator, because our view through the chicken bones and past the beer bottles from the living room couch is better than that of the Guy that studied film all week and actually is paid tens of $$ to understand football.

Regardless, Musgrave is the topic, and I'd forgotten that #17 lined up in the backfield on that one touchdown, and that Felton Spencer Fullback Guy lined up wide on that 3rd down play he converted, and also that roll-out left TD pass Ponder to AP was also reasonably well designed. This is also a Guy that got the ball in the hands of that one guy 60+ times before his disappearance, and the guy to designed a running game featuring a 2,000 yard back. Seems like only when teams pass up and down the field the O Coordinator guy gets credit.

Well, I've taken pause to think, and my view from behind the pile of expired chicken wing bones and through the brown glass of a Schlitz returnable is of a job well done. And this from a guy that recognizes a kick a$$ offense when he sees one.