I woke this morning with eyes so wide
already feeling giddy inside
Hours to wait for todays big game
I stood by the toilet and took good aim

I watched my stream hit it's target with ease
It was nothing like Ponder, very much like Brees
I gave it a shake and tucked it back in
Now it was time to prepare for a win.

I went to the kitchen to get me some toast
Stiff-arming my son, BAM! bannister post
My focus is pinpoint, my purpose is single
It's all about football, I'm so done with Kringle

The crock pot is filled with hot tasty wieners
That's tough on my poem, but I like to say "wieners"
Let's all forget quickly, how bad Ponder is
We still got A.P., the best in the biz

Later today, around dinner time
My guess is I'll have to repeat this here rhyme:
The Vikings gave the Packers a beating
Can't wait for next week for our wild card meeting