Camel's complete breakdown from August -

Of the Vikings 13 losses in 2011, only four were by more than 7 points. The other nine were by a combined total of 44 points, or 4.8888888888 points per game. That's one play per game. So if they Vikings are able to make one more play per game in five games, they will win five more games to get to 8-8. And the law of averages suggests that they will make plays in more than those games, considering the equality of talent in the NFL (there are four really good teams, four really bad teams and the other 24 teams are equal). Well, the Vikings are in that middle bunch, and if the Murphy's Law thing takes affect expect the Vikings to improve by six to eight wins, finishing between 9 and 11 wins. I have little doubt that we will be starting a Playoff Thread in four months.

Thanks to Norton for refreshing us.