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Well, the Vikings are in that middle bunch, and if the Murphy's Law thing takes affect expect the Vikings to improve by six to eight wins, finishing between 9 and 11 wins. I have little doubt that we will be starting a Playoff Thread in four months.

Looks like Camel hits it on the head - what a great football mind. Win and the Vikings are in. Packers are playing for a bye and if the Vikings win the Packers could be hosting the Vikings again next week in the playoffs. (PLAYOFF??!!) I'm thinking Camel is the only one that seen that one coming around the bend.

Sunday's game has been moved to 3 pm (I'm thinking that means Joe Buck will be at the dome - Joe Buck Sucks.) I'm thinking the late late game with the Cowboys at Redskins will be determining if the Vikings make it into the playoffs. Vikings lose, Bears lose, Giants lose and then if the Cowboys lose the Vikings are in. Easy as pie.