I thought it was fitting win - Bears style with hardly any offense and some lucky defense. It was impressive to see the offensive line and AP beat the bears, the other five guys really didn't matter. What did Leslie say in his post game? - all three areas, offense, defense, and special teams played at a high level. (What game was he watching?)

Hopefully at season's end there are some wholesale coaching changes on the offensive side of the ball. The play action pass isn't there and should be when AP is in there. When the play action pass is run, the fake is about 3 yards off, which makes it not a fake. Everyone can follow the ball. At times the pass rush seems over whelming on Ponder but yet no little screens are fancy draw plays. Or better yet, how about a the flea flicker. Where was Rudolph in the passing game? The guy has some good hands but yet was a target maybe once.

It doesn't look like Ponder will be an elite QB but the coaching is some of the worst in the NFL. The QB coach and Peter Musgraves must go. Fire one or both of them right now, like the Ravens did today. Fire Musgraves.