Well the Vikings playoff candle still flickers. Too bad the Skins and Boys both won though. Gonna be a tough road ahead with road games at the Rams and Texans then hosting the Pack.

Ponder had another stellar day with 91yds passing. But like Leslie said, he executed the game plan put in place. I could turn around and hand off to AP 31 times too I guess. After the opening drive the offense didn't do anything. AP had over 100yds in the 1st quarter then another 40 or so the rest of the game. Thanks goes to the defense for the two big interception returns. Some big dropped balls be the Bears WR's aided the cause as well.

The Rams in St. Louis will be tough as they're in the hunt for a playoff spot as well at 6-6-1. They've beaten and tied the 49ers this year.