I was just thankful the Vikings had a bye week to prepare or this one would've been a lot lot worser. I applaud that they came out on their first possession and went with five wide and an empty backfield and allowed Pounder to get pounded for a 9-yard loss. The Bears were clearly caught off guard, expecting the Vikings to go to their strength - that being Adrian Peterson. And I loved the running play that set up the 3rd-and-16 on the first possession. And I am having trouble deciding which of Jerome Sampson's 12 catches is my favorite. And let's not forget the defenses ability to get off the field on third down.

And the Irony. Bears lose big on National TV and their QB gets sacked 12 times then the Vikings show up and give them fits. Now we go to Green Bay, who just got embarrassed on National TV and had their QB sacked eight times. And this week we don't have a bye week to get ourselves fully prepared.

Fire Childress.