Back to earth. Funny, had we lost the Washington last year we might have RGIII. But what ifs are of no value.

Disappointed that the Vikings didn't get the memo from the NFL indicating a rule change prior to Sunday's game. Clearly the "play action pass" is a new weapon for offenses to utilize, and the Redskins did plenty of this. The "play action pass" is when the QB fakes to a running back to make the defense think its a running play, but then throws the football. Clearly the Vikings hadn't seen this before as Washington receivers were left wide open time after time after time.

Someone at Vikings headquarters is going to be embarrassed when they put paper in the fax machine this a.m. and one of the faxes that comes through five days late is the memo indicating this rule change. You'd think the NFL would be able to e-mail documents like this considering today's technology.

Oh well, next week is another week.