The Vikings penalty kill unit is ranked 4th in the league through five games so far. For being a man down and holding Chris Johnson to a mere 30yds or so is quite an accomplishment.

As far as this Sunday goes, RGIII has indicated he feels fine and will play. I thought league rules stated that a player has to sit at least one game if they've been concussed to any degree. Maybe not. Either way, if the Vikings can forecheck and play the body as well as they have through the first quarter of the season, they will come away with their 2nd consecutive road victory. A major accomplishment for any team in the NFL.

Again Leslie Nielsen is 2-0 at RFK Stadium. He will stay perfect in the nation's capitol as the Vikings skate to a 27-10 win to go 5-1 on the season and remain in first place in the NFC Norris.