Anyone getting any vibes for this weekend's game yet? I think Frazier is the best coach in the NFL. I love how he talks and recognizes that the team has gotten a lot better and played a lot better, but also says that there is room for improvement. And he's obviously made some good choices for his coordinators, Dave Mustaine on offense and that Williams on defense. Put players in position to exceed!!

So, this week depends on if RGIII plays for not. The Rookie QB has been a major splash in the league and looked quite well. But these ain't last years or the year before's Vikings. I believe whether or not RGIII plays will be the difference. I think he'll be able to make some things happen with his feet, but he'll go head-first into a pile at some point and come out a little whoozy, would be my guess.

It'll be important, too, that we don't shove any officials and get ejected, although the Vikings defense stood tall despite being short-handed for 5/8 of the game. It's tough when your game plan is for 11 players, then have to play with 10 starting it the second quarter could've goofed things up, but Mustaine had a good plan. They must practice with just 10 a couple times a week just in case.

Well, if RGIII plays I expect it to be close, 38-17 or something like that. If he doesn't play I'd expect it not to be as close, 41-3 or something like that.