Expect the Vikings to struggle out of the gate, maybe allow Tennessee a couple first quarter first downs and maybe even have a slight edge in TOP (time of possession). Peterson and Harvin will each make QNTY 1 big play in the first quarter to set up scores, and despite our ability to move the ball effectively we will only be up 10-0 after a quarter. Expect the Vikings defense to improve in the second quarter, interception Hassleneck a pair of times, one for a score, and Peterson and Gebhardt to each rumble in for a score, but the Titans keep it close with a march down the field against the Tampa Two and kick a late first half field goal, 31-3 at halftime.

In the second half the Vikings defense finally comes to play, forcing two Chris Johnson fumbles (Harris recovers one), and Hasselneck asks himself out of the game when Guyion splats him too the turf. Meanwhile, the Vikings offense goes into 11-yards at a time mode to get first down after first down without getting too many extra yards so they wear down some clock. This is when Ponder hits Sampson for their first score of the season, from 15-yards out. Tennessee will mount a late charge to make it interesting again, but Joe Webb will run for two game-clinching fourth quarter touchdowns after Frazier pulls Ponder for the 15-yard pass that was designed for 11 yards.

In the end, desite an inconsistent effort, the Vikings hang on for a 59-13 count, and improve to 4-1.

Any other thoughts on the game?

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