I'd run behind Axe any day. That guy's big!!

The Titans have given up an average of 34 or so points per game through the first quarter of the season. Look for the Vikings offense to score a touchdown this week. If Leslie Nielsen thinks the special teams is puttin' two scores on the board every week then we got trouble.

Although some fans think our offense stunk it up last week at Detroilet, I believe we used ball control to burn up the clock rather well. When you're up on a team 20-6 you're not gonna pass like you're two minute Tommy. It was Peterson left, Gebhardt right, Peterson up the middle, tight end dump to Rudolph, repeat. Clock management baby. Offense doesn't win championships, teams do. As in special teams and defense. This week maybe the offense will be the spark that ignites the flame.

Prediction for the week.....Vikes 31, Titans 17.