Let's go!! Team is 3-1, whether rightfully or not. I don't wanna have to go to Rube Chat to be able to have Vikings exchanges with unknowns sitting in their folks basement bouncing from one chat to the next making sure their point is heard. I wanna hear from you people, the people we've cheered with, cried with, been disappointed with, sweated with ... all those things we've done with the people we've done it with.

Couple questions heading into this weekend's contest worth watching - Are the Vikings capable of a letdown even after winning just three matches last season? The Titans on paper present little, and maybe the young Purple squad will be too busy ordering diamond earings with their playoff money and not have enough time to listen to "We Will Rock You" and "Eyes of the Tigers" before kickoff, true fire up songs.

That's Frazier's biggest challenge, keeping these young guys focused, 50 guys tugging the same rope. Harvin and Pondler need to continue to connect, Peterson needs to keep running hard on the left side behing the rookie tackle, Kahlow.