Man, I took a ride in a time machine yesterday and it freaked me out. See, I was watching a Vikings game from some years back and they kept throwing for four yards on third and eight, and wow, the offense proved incredibly unimaginative. and then the pass defense really stunk, and then they took a bunch of stupid penalities that really cost them. And the coach says "we gotta look at some tape and find out what we gotta do better and get back to work."

Well, coach, I can tell you what you have to do better - 1) get the ball downfield. 2) find a way to pressure a QB when the opposing team is missing FOUR (4) offensive lineman. 3) eliminate STUPID PENTALTIES!!!! 4) Force a turnover or two. 5) Score touchdowns and NOT FIELDGOALS! 6) Don't leave a linebacker to cover Reggie Wayne in the closing seconds of the first half.

Pretty sad when a head tackle football coach at the game's highest level has to watch some film to figure out what went wrong. Team stinks yet again, absolutely stinks, but we can find comfort in knowing that they are going to "watch some film and figure out what went wrong and spend the week working on those areas that we have to get better." Same S^!t as last year when they spent 16 weeks watching film and trying to get better in those areas. Maybe after you don't get better after 16 weeks you're A) doing the wrong work or B) working on the wrong things.

I am sick of Gardehoffer telling us how the Twins "battled their tails off, we got after it pretty good tonight ... these guys were into the ball game and we went after it pretty hard but their guy was cuttin' it and sinkin' it, he was tough out there tonight, but that's baseball and some nights that's how it goes."

And our football guy ... "we're going to have to look at some film and figure out those areas that we can improve and we'll get to work on those areas this week and give ourselves a chance to win a football game next week."