I think Joe Webb is done. The guy with two last names that played the 2nd half was more impressive. Almost led the Vikes to the game winning TD at the end too. Started from our 1yd line with 2 1/2 minutes left and got us deep into Houston land only to fall short on a 4th down. Gutty. Webb did nothing but scramble around again. Looked hopeless plus his body language said it all. Todman is fast!! Use him on 3rd downs like a Chester Taylor only quicker. Blair Walsh missed another kick though. Sage Rosenfels on a bed of rice pilaf was so so. Still should be the #2 guy behind Ponder. Thankfully preseason is over. A Houston fan fell three stories to his death while sliding down an escalator handrail. Alcohol was involved. Shocker. That's my story have a splendid holiday weekend Vikings fans!!!