The Vikings plan is starting to make sense. Sign a bunch of no-names to one year contracts, then draft a bunch of fellas. Then throw them all into a heap, see who can chop the forest through the woods and who will become underbrush, then you burn through the underbrush and Miracle Grown the trees and in the second year of this process the roots start to take hold. Great job, both with the free agents and the draft, I agree with Norton. And when the pig pettin' stops and the whistle blows, the first blow in the pigskin game is that of boot to ball, and our choice in the 6th round of that kicker from Georgia was pure genius.

Walsh is a three-year starter with an active and strong leg. He consistently puts the ball in the end zone on kickoffs and has been reliable enough that a team with a need may select him to keep him off the free-agent market.

Walsh is a confident kicker who will let it rip from beyond 60 yards. He is most reliable in mid-range kicks. He is a good athlete who is capable of making a tackle as a last resort.

Walsh has been inaccurate at times when he tries to drive the ball too hard.

Walsh was extremely accurate as a sophomore, hitting 40 of 46 tries during those two seasons. He was 15 of 23 as a freshman and 21 of 35 as a senior, with 14 of his misses coming from 40+ yards. He led the nation in FG tries last year, and converted a 56-yard try as well.

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