Wow, what a draft. Fastest guy in the draft - the Vikings got him. SI is giving the braintrust an A for obvious reasons. Drafting 2 Notre Dame guys is unbelievable. Most teams are lucky just to have a couple of those guys on the roster and now the Vikes will have 5. Just think how much smarter the team will be now. Can you spell wonderlic?

The smart thing was drafting college teammates. The Vikes played it smart and got both wideouts from Arkansas. Not only does Arkansas routinely crank out pro players (David Palmer) but they follow in their coach's footsteps by being upstanding individuals.

Don't forget the other USC guy the Vikings drafted too - amazing to be able to get 3 college duos. It's a proven fact that drafting college teammates leads to more familiarity. From familiarity we get contempt which translates into: There's a time to pet the pig and a time to run and catch with the pigskin. Give this draft a couple years and one will see this contempt bear fruit as it blooms into frustration.