Exciting day for Vikings fan. Drafting the next great OT to follow in the shoes of Ron Yary, Gary Zimmerman, Todd Steussie, Steve Riley, Grady Alderman,and Tim Irwin. Nothing fills the seats better than a good OT. Kalil's footwork is worth the price of admission and his jersey is sure to be a big seller. Loadholt and Kalil will be some good bookends. Bookends, bookends, bookends.

Trading up to get a safety was another nice move as today's Joey Browner would have been better than any of the safeties on the Vikes. The big plus here is that Harry Smith is another Notre Dame guy to go along with Carlson, Rudolph, and Sullivan. We all know how well Notre Dame has been of late so it's understandable wanting guys from such a successful program. Maybe it's just me but it seems like Notre Dame is playing for the national title every year. Winners!