With AP tearing his ACL will the Vikes now draft a RB right out of the gate? So much for the 1,000 yard season. And if the Vikes win the last game they might screw up the chance at a top three pick.

The offense really needs a makeover. Rudy has some great hands for a TE and it is hard to believe they can't find more ways to get him involved. The braintrust might need to break down the old film from the Fouts Chargers to see how Winslow was used. The option play with Webb looks great but not with Toby as tailback. He can't keep up with Webb. Harvin really needs to be the TB in that scheme. And what's up with routinely running Harvin straight up the gut. That's OK once in a while but why not do a toss sweep with him? Yesterday just showed how many weapons the Vikings have on offense and obviously the current offensive scheme needs an overhaul.