I agree with the previous two takes regarding Leslie Nielsen. Mentioned to Camel last night that during a weekly radio show this week Paul Allen was interviewing Coach Nielsen as he does every week. Same old lah ti fricken dah bullcrap that we've heard since the start of this dismal season.

"Well I really think if we focus and dig down as a team we can fix this. Some of the things that we haven't been doing well as a team we need to focus and do them better. A couple things that we've done okay at we shouldn't have to focus as much on. But I think focusing is key to having a successful season. Whether you're striving to do the things you've done well all season, or attempting to make better those things that you as an individual, or we as a team, have done just alright here and there almost all of the time. I think that's the key and we should focus on that going into this week's game at Washington."

It's enough to drive a person insane. SAY SOMETHING!!