I always love Norton's take. Yes, history is being made. I find it equally entertaining and less stressful (not Les Steckel) in watching the Vikings failures.

I love this week how some defensive players were upset by the coverages called by the coaches, so they started to ignore them. And that helped do what? Brees still passed 32 of 42 for 400+ yards and 5 scores. What does that say about these guys who were calling their own defenses?

I, too, get sick of the same "we know what we have to work on" routine from the coach. If you know, then work on it, and some improvement should be evident at some point.

It's amazing that these two teams lined up less than two years ago and played an ultra competitive NFC Championship game, and now they are worlds apart. Says a lot about the Vikings organization. I read in the paper last week that Ponder's goal is to be better than Brees one day. At least we got that going for us.

Fire Fraizier.