These last two weekends will be HUGE for Viking fans. Indy has a win and if they can pull one more out it could put the Vikings in line for number one pick. Which could be a problem, do they pick a QB or is Pounder the answer? With poor offensive line play it is hard to tell how good the Pounder is.

Offensive line talk leads us into draft talk. Some school of thought is the Vikings should pick a left tackle with a top 3 pick. Big Al is beating that drum pointing out how high the left tackle is paid. Others point out if a game changer is available - Randy Moss or AP type - the Vikings should go that route. The more I see of them I think they should trade down and get more picks because there are lots of spots to upgrade.

The head coach position will also be interesting. I have no doubt Frazier is a great guy, blah blah blah, but I think Childress was better head coach. Heck, I think Denny was a better head coach. Watching the defense ROUTINELY not cover the wideout coming out of the huddle was a real head scratcher, Jr. High like. One would think if the head coach is a defensive guy that the defensive side of the ball should at least know how to line up and that's not happening. Couple that with bad challenges and bad play calling it leads people to question the coach's skill. Or it could be they are throwing the games to get a good pick - pure genius.

As you enjoy the holidays keep in mind we are watching history unfold before our eyes - this could be the worst Vikings record ever. Who would have thought one could do worse than Stes Leckel? Frazier, like Rudolph, will go down in history.