You forgot Spergon Wynn, III - come on now! It was 2001 and Denny got fired and Tice took over. The Vikings closed out the season at Baltimore which had Elvis at QB and Terry Allen and Moe Williams at running backs and Qaudry Ismail (hands of stone) at WR, which was odd to see. (Hey Moe -I try to think and nothing happens!) From there Da Third went on to Canada to play but at least he can say he was on the field that day with Chris Carter, Randy Moss, Matt Birk, Shannon Sharpe, Johnathan Ogden, Ron Woodson and Ray Lewis - who will all probably be in the HOF.

Spergon Wynn, III doesn't quite have the ring as Thurston Howell, III - but it's close. Hard to believe you would name three generations Spergon but don't worry, #4 is out there now too.

Spergon will go down in history as the QB selected right before Tom Brady in 2000 draft.