The next bloodmobile is next Wednesday, Dec. 7th from 1-7 pm at the Minnesota New Country School. It is just in time to save a life so a person named Some One may experience another Christmas with your blood donation.

It would be great to see some new faces at the donation site next Wednesday. Walk-ins are welcomed after 2 pm and the best time on the quarter hour, half hour, and three-quarter hour.
To get an appointment, please call Judy at 248-3345.

It is hard to ask each household to invite them to make an appointment, but if you read this, consider yourself asked.
The telephone situation makes it hard to find new donors.

If you want to visit the bloodmobile during the time it is in Henderson, come on in and see what all happens. It takes about an hour for whole blood from the beginning to the end for that donation. 16 year olds can donate with parent's permission. Your visit can take just a few minutes.

Give the best gift ever, give blood, helps to save a life.