Allah actually played some Wing T in the Ottoman Football League (OFL) from 1335-1342. Football, or "football" as it was called in the Ottoman Empire, was a very popular sport from 1309 to 1387. Allah was signed as an undrafted free agent by Osman Gazi to play for Iznick Crusade starting in the 1336 season. He ran the Wing T offense and was believed to have introduced the "weave" as an offensive game plan.

Allah ran the weave for Iznick until 1340, and led the team to the OFL championship game in 1339, but they were defeated by a strong Keshan Knights team 52-38. Allah signed with Edirne after the 1340 season and retired in 1342 to spend more time with his family. He is fifth all-time in the OFL after averaging 36.4 yards per human skull kick.

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