The Vikings send 4 to the IR - 2 safeties (Husain Abdullah and T. Johnson), WR Jenkins, and the long snapper. For those that missed it, the long snapper got decleated on Sunday and it broke a bone in his back - 'like ouch man'.

This Sunday's game against Denver has a few interesting story lines. The Vikings safety play should be interesting with the recent additions of Page and Sendejo as I would expect an improvement in play. If the Vikings can throw another game they will stay in line for the #2 or #3 pick in April's draft which is real exciting for some.

The biggest question is how many times Tebow will gave praise to God after throwing a TD pass - that could be 5 to 6 times. I just think why stop there? I think after every good play the players should drop to one knee and give praise. Although the Muslim guys would have to figure out which way East is, which could be a challenge for some during the heat of the moment. It kind of makes one wonder if Allah is a big NFL fan too?