I find it funny all the highlights are about Cam and the crying over #89 holding Greenway saying it wasn't that bad. Along with the crying about the missed field goal at the end of the game.

Did the Vikings cry when they were flagged for a facemask when #50 clearly pulled the guy down by the shoulder pads. NO! Did the Vikings hold their head when Longwell missed the field goal in the beginning of the game. NO! The Vikings just kept their hands on the plow, looking straight ahead and won the game.

The 4th down completion is a concern, but I still think Joey Browner can come back and do the job. Look for that signing.

Pounder has shown he belongs and the come April, the Vikings are a #1 WR pick and #2 Safety pick away from the Superbowl. Book your 2013 trip to the Big Easy now. I can't wait to see Skeddy at the draft party in his Mardi Gras garb.