"I say that Ponder throws 6 TDs Sunday at Carolina and Peterson runs for two. My fear is that Cam Norton throws for four TDs and rushes for another four. But, I think the Vikings win 65-61.

Book it. We are living great days."

Well, I might've missed the boat just a tad on the score, but three things are dead on - 1) Both rookie QBs showed that they might have a future in this league, 2) Peterson scores twice, 3) Vikings win a close game, 4) the Vikings continue to demonstrate that maybe they should play without safeties.

Tough to have a week off now riding the momentum that we've gained, but we'll take it. Who's joining me in being a Packers fan next weekend so they can go to 8-0 and be ready to get PONDED!! in Week 9!! Wooooo! Wooooo! Save your best Wooooo Wooooos for last because whoever laughs last has the last laugh and even at 3-6 I'm still laughing when the Packers are only 8-1 after Pondler Plays Pick-aPart Passing Past a Pathetic Packers Pass Preventing Process on Monday night football ARE YOU READY!!!! WOooooooooooO!!!