Well, the only thing left to be determined is how many years will it be before Pondler brings us our first world championship. Kid was spot on. He has quick Fran Tarkenton feet, courage like Tommy Kramer and an arm like Jeff George. Really, if I were to draw up a quarterback and select attributes from all the other Vikings quarterbacks, I would pick those three attributes from those three guys, so it looks like we made a jackpot on this one.

Gonna be interesting in Carolina, though. I am usually pretty dead on with these predictions because I've seen a lot of games, and I would typically like to wait until later in the week after I've seen some film and read the paper to see who is in jail and who is out of jail, but I've gotta make a pick. I say that Ponder throws 6 TDs Sunday at Carolina and Peterson runs for two. My fear is that Cam Norton throws for four TDs and rushes for another four. But, I think the Vikings win 65-61.

Book it. We are living great days.