At least all three phases of the game were equally horS@sh!t last night. Glad we were ready to play against a division "rival" on national television. That falls on the coaches. Granted its the players that can't throw a ball from hither to yon, catch the ball that hits you square in the breast plate, can't pressure a QB that was sacked 14 times last week, bla bla bla.

The only thing we learned for sure last night was the Pondler is a Viking and has been studying his Viking playbook, evident by twice throwing fourth-down passes for two yards less than required for the first down.

Gophers welcome Nebraska this weekend. Vikings welcome Green Bay. What is the bigger mismatch? Which would be the bigger miracle for one to win? At least we don't proclaim ourselves the "State of Football" like we do hockey, because the "State of Football's" two teams might get outscored 90-20 this weekend - at home.