You can't win 10 in a row until you win the first one and that is EXACTLY what the Vikings did this past Sunday. The Vikings are an early 2.5 underdog going into Sunday night's game against the reeling Bears who come of a humbling loss on MNF against the Lions. (R U read for some FOOTBALL!)

A lot has been made of McNugget's mechanics but the W this past Sunday speaks for itself. Lots of people point to McNugget's completion percentage but there was one dropped pass last week so don't let the stats get in the way of the truth. Plus - his car seems to run fine so I don't think his mechanic is that bad.

Bernard was in the dog house last week and it will be interesting if he is active Sunday. He is going back to Chi-town so thankfully the game is Sunday night so Bernard has time to recover from being out on the town all night Saturday night. (Chicago, Chicago - my kind of town!)

Game time temps look to be in the mid 50's with clear skies which indicates the stars are lining up for the second of 10 wins for the Vikings this year.