Oh my Camel you've outdone yourself on this one. Yes I, Skeddy aka Fathead, will be attending this game on Sunday. No we didn't just buy tickets to avoid not seeing it on tv because of a potential blackout. Although I'm such a diehard I probably would. We bought tickets prior to the season starting. I did hear some secondary ticket outlets had tickets for as low as $4!! Wish I would've waited. But then again, I probably would've chosen not to attend.

I'm thinking we'll be departing Belle Plaine by 7am as Camel stated. Gotta find a great tailgating spot to share in the pregame revelry that is Vikings football. WOOOOOO!!!! I really think were gonna do it this time people. I say 16-4 Vikings.

McNutt will trip up and fall for a safety and our back up punter will step outta the back of the end zone by accident once. Other than that the Cards offense doesn't stand a chance. Keith Nord, Tommy Hannon, and Joey Browner will put the clamps on Fitzgerald Sunday. Mark my words.

There was a rumor that Terrell Owens was sighted at the MSP airport this morning. McNutt and Owens did go to the Super Bowl you know as Eagles. Has there been any helicopter coverage on tv today???