The 1992 San Diego Chargers season began with the team trying to improve on their 4–12 record in 1991. It was Bobby Ross' first season as the teams head coach. They made the playoffs for the first time in ten years. The Chargers would lose their first four games of the season and come back to become the first 0–4 team to make the playoffs as they won 11 of the last 12 games and clinched the AFC West title.

Does anyone else recognize two similarities between the 1992 Chargers and the 2011 Vikings?

Both had first-year head coaches. Both started 0-4. And by season's end, they will share the title of "only teams in NFL history to make the playoffs after an 0-4 start."

Don't fall asleep on this team. And certainly don't fall asleep watching them, or you'll miss it. 8 million people working together for a common goal can do this! Let's go! Let's go! L-E-T-S-G-O! Let's go! Let's go! L-E-T-S-G-O!