A buck fitty and two results in just 14 because the Vikings still have one of the best run defenses in the league and the Cardinals don't have a No. 2 receiver that can get open against Cook or Allen or whoever guards him, and although Winfield is out he's over the hill anyway. Sure he's a good tackler, but he's slowing down and it's tough to tackle a guy that you can't catch, so this will just give some younger, faster guys some playing time and those younger, faster guys are younger and faster and play with a little more fire in their belly than a veteran like Winfield, who is probably not hurt real bad but being a 12-year veteran on an 0-4 team makes it easy for those knicks and bruizes to hurt a lot more than they should.

So Fitz can have his two and a buck fitty, but AP will saddle up right behind the guy with the coolest name in the history of offensive lineman, Loadholdt, and rip off 7 yards a pop. Vikings win, 31-14. AP might go for two fitty and two, and Fitz, while a great effort, will end up on Page 5 of the sports because he will be overshadowed by AP!!! WOOOOO!!

Haven't been this excited for a Vikings game in a LONG time!! Bunker game, for sure.