Norton, I agree with your entire take. I think the Vikings are gonna come out quite beastly in this one, maybe score as many as eight touchdowns, five for sure, and win something like 48-10. They are overdue to put it all together. Some might look at the 0-4 start as a bad thing, but there are positives.

The crowd is going to be one of the Vikings best ever this weekend. The bandwagon, wanting to be at the forefront of the "hot social scene" people are not going to go this weekend. Look at the T-Wolves. That one 50-game stretch in their 20+ year history that they were actually good, the Target Center was the place to be. Now, the only people at the games are, well, I don't know who they are.

The Vikings have enough Rubes and Diehards that they can still get 60,000 Moss jersey wearing drunkards to put on Helga Horns and leave places like Henderson at 7 a.m. to get downtown by 9 so they can be pissed up by kickoff. It'll look like a Raiders game in there, don't bring your children. There are the real fans, the diehards, the drunkards, and they will absolutely litter the streets and tear the roof off the Metrodome, much like 1998 when the team was actually good. The atmosphere will be electric, and the Cardinals will cave to that kind of noise.

True Story. 56-14, Purple. Does anybody know anyone who's actually going to this game?