OK - time to take a realistic view, at 0-4 if the Vikings win 80% of their remaining games they might, MIGHT be a wildcard but even at that they don't stand a chance in the playoffs with the current starters.

It's time to start Pounder (BENCH McNUGGET!) to see what they got, because if Pounder sucks (Akili Smith, Ryan Leaf, and Andre Ware come to mind.) they will need to draft another QB in the upcoming draft. (Andrew Luck?)

The other benefit to starting Pounder & assuming he can do the job, is to get him some experience. Potentially, the team could be OK next year if Pounder is serviceable and they draft defense. Defensive players can come in and make an immediate impact.

WITH THE #1 PICK IN THE 2012 NFL DRAFT THE MINNESOTA VIKINGS SELECT................(I stole that from Greg G.)