The Vikings sign former Texan linebacker Xavier Alibi and cut the Iowa kid (Tight End). I don't think the LB corp is that impressive (minus Greenway) and if one goes down it could get real ugly. Although the roster looks smarter now with an Xavier on it.

The lack of experience at O-line is interesting. I am surprised they didn't resign Artis Hicks after he was released but it might be salary cap reasons that they went with youth.

Greenway gets a big extension which now leaves AP. I don't see them trading AP for the simple reason he puts people in the seats. Trading McNugget before the trading deadline might be more likely if some QB's get hurt the first few weeks. (Go Christian Pounder!)

The D-line will be interesting to watch the first couple games with K. Williams on suspension. That should give his plantar facialitis time to heal up, but I would bet that will be a season long issue for him.