Good evening Norton. I believe signing Don "Sodbuster" McNabb was a move that had to be made. Although we will see our share of McNabb's famous worm burning throws into the receiver's feet area a few times this year, he is an improvement over any rookie QB.

Not sure what kind of offense we're going to see this year. Sodbuster is his best when he's throwing downfield, but we haven't seen any of that yet this preseason. As Denny Green would say, "plan your work and work your plan". As expected, it all hinges on the o-line.

Defense. I love defense. I love controlled chaos-hornet's nest defense. If d-coordinator Freddie Pagac employs what he did to Philly last year, I'll be happy. To quote former Viking head coach Jerry Burns...."!%$# yeah". We might even see an interception or two by a safety.

By the way, Garret Mills is back with the Patriots. While Belichek plays chess, Chilly was playing checkers.