Vegas has set the number at 6.5. I will be an optimist and say seven wins. While the schedule is the 12th toughest on paper I count seven. Don't ask me which seven. It's refreshing going into a Vikings season without the pressure and/or anticipation that comes with cheering for a team that will compete, but is destined to $hi+ the bed at some point. I would've frowned on the McNabbSandwich signing three years ago, but am OK with it now. I'm hopeful Ferguson Jenkins has some worth, don't know much about him other than he played for Atlanta. Was glad to hear we rid ourselves of Madeu Williams and that we might play without safeties this year. Only thing I'll miss there is when one of our safeties is seen in the bottom corner of the TV screen diving at a passing ballcarrier. I am also in the camp that you trade AP for a boatload and build for the future. If you pitch a fiddy cent piece into a pile of $hi+, it's still just a fiddy cent piece all full of $hi+.