Sources tell me the Viking will win 4 or 5 games, maybe 6 if McNugget pulls one out of the hat.

Other items of interest: 12 million to Longwell was really stupid because a bad team doesn't need a good kicker. That money would have been better spent locking up AP. The McKinnie cut was more to do with weight because the NFL has rules about height, weight, and bone density and McKinnie was a long ways from it. McNugget was signed because the head coach doesn't know a lot about offense and the offensive coordinator doesn't have track record. Who? Bob Schnelker? WE'VE been SCHNELKERED! McNugget has a better than average arm and he is a very tough Chicago kid which is what is needed with the poor offensive line. The ex-Bear center should be signed, which would make more sense than giving Longwell 12 million. (The Longwell contract was really a sore spot with my sources.) Look for Pat Williams to sign with the Vikes for the minimum and used in run situations only. It will be a 2 to 3 year rebuilding project before the Vikings are towards the top of the division. Thankfully the stadium was not discussed!

On a side note - a new haircut feels good on a warm day. whistle