I would rather Carson Palmer than Neckbeard. Use Webb a couple series a half as a "change of pace", and to stretch out Palmer's health. If it's going well with Webb, stick with it. He can also line up in various spots, pitch him the ball and give him a pass/run option. Agree with much of the list of guys that can go. We have too many Williams on Defense. Make Winfield a safety, why not, good tackler, can't cover on the outside anymore.

Or trade Adrian Peterson for draft picks in each of the next three seasons - a package of first, second and third rounders, whatever, and do a Dallas Cowboys thing like they did to us when we got Hershel "I must be some kinda special" Walker. Turned into a couple championships for the Cowboys. Peterson will be past his prime by the time this team is ready to contend, then we'll be saying that we're just "a running back away."

Do it.