I am already pumped to watch two dynamic quarterbacks trade plays next week, Joe Webb v. Michael Vick. Vick has changed the quarterback position with his ability to run and throw, and Joe Webb is only gonna get better. We saw glimpses last night of a dynamic young player who will in time make plays with both his legs and his arm. I won't be surprised by 35-31 at halftime, and announcers saying "this game could be moved to a playground somewhere here in Philadelphia." Those testosterone juiced tatooed booze hound Phili phans that gave Enoc and Skeddy such a hard time are really gonna be frustrated this weekend when Webb comes into his own and matches Vick play for play. I fully expect the Vikes D to rise to the challenge next week and make Vick realize that prison might not be that bad for a day if the other option is facing a hungry Vikings front seven.