The only real drama left for this Vikings season is when they try a new quarterback. Not that the QB is the lone problem for this year's team, but he is not the QB of the future. So, it doesn't take Mike Tice smarts to figure out that it would benefit the future of the Vikings organization to throw somebody out there for four or five games so you get a bit of a sample size of which to rate their capabilities. Complicating that is the Silver Fox, who has started every game since Don Makowski took that fateful tumble to the LameBlow Field turf in 1992 or whenever the hell. This is not a rip on the Silver Fox, it's been a good run and last year was one of my favorite Vikings seasons, but at some point this thing is gonna come to a head and we'll need to see another QB, whether it John Webb or Various Jackson, whoever. In what has been a soap opera season that make story lines on All My Children, Generic Hospital and One Live to Give realistic, this could be the last great plot to play out. I felt stupid in my living room chanting by myself -
"season's over (clap ... clap ... clap clap clap)
season's over (clap ... clap ... clap clap clap)
season's over (clap ... clap ... clap clap clap)"

At least the Wolves won't underachieve this year.