I don't have a limited edition Brad Childress portrait painting hanging in my house, but the Chicago Sun-Times story that many anonomyous Vikings players say they hate Childress and want him fired is bunk. I am not implying that these things were not said and that many in that locker room hate the coach, but you put a microphone before one of these athletes and they'll feel comfortable saying about anything anonymously.

I would contend that in today's NFL - with million dollar bills floating around big shot, 20-something-year-old athletes - there are a handful of players in EVERY locker room in the league that would same the same thing if granted anonymity. Not everybody likes their coach, and most of these guys have been the star of the show at every level they've played, big shot on campus types. So they get to the pros and don't play as much as they think they should, whatever, and now they hate the coach. This isn't news, this is bunk journalism by the hometown paper trying to create a schism in the visiting team's locker room before it comes to play their horsebleep team that's living on a prayer.