Oh, how times have changed. All of sudden Favre should just go away and moss is an idiot. 10 weeks ago Favre was returning to the purple and everyone was giving group hugs. After a slow start Moss joins the fray and everyone is dusting off their 84 shirts and giving more group hugs. Now the team is 2-5, Burt Favre is playing on a prosthetic leg and is to have his jaw wired shut today and he is instantly too old and a pervert to boot, Moss is a moron, the defensive line hasn't had a sack in three games (a franchise record for sackless games streak), the defensive secondary couldn't have tackled a tackling dummy yesterday. Go for it on 4th and 1, sure, but why can every team in the world fake a handoff to the game's best running back then flip a simple pass to a tight end, but ours? I wish we'd utilize the play-action pass more often.

BUT ... Jump off now and I'll be sitting by myself after this team rallies to get to about 7-6 and puts itself in position to make the playoffs. I am not going anywhere. Here is a guarantee ... at some point between Thanksgiving and Christmas you will here a commentator refer to the Vikings as "the team nobody wants to play in the playoffs."

It all starts next week. Vikings 41, Cardinals 10. Time for ya all to decide ... are ya in? Or out?