The view from a glass half full, rose tinted glasses, team is always going to win guy -

Romo will spend so little time running the Cowboys offense that he might not break sweat after warmups. No fewer than two Cowboys running backs will have their helmets knocked off by Vikings defenders. Favre will complete 29-of-31 for 338 and four TDs. Peterson will rush for 180 and a pair of scores. McKinnie will knock Ware backwards so many times that Ware will wear off the back of his jersey by game's end. Jerry Jones will age 15 years during the game, and actually be seen on the Vikings sidelines shaking hands near game's end. Fans across the country will look to export America's Team by about 2:30 p.m. Sunday afternoon.

Wave your purple No. 1 foam fingers high. Skeddy, I have a purple foam No. 1 finger you can borrow, and a foam hat with horns. Might not expand to fit over your head, though. You could get a bungie chord to run under your chin to hold it in place.