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I was thinking "go for two" at the end. The Bears were backpedalling. Spread the field and give AP or Favre a chance to make a play. I would've applauded a failed two-point attempt. Easy to say in hindersite, but why take a chance with a coin flip? Seven TD passes allowed in two games to friggin Moore and Culter is bad, real bad. Winfield might be among the best run stopping DBs in the league, but a DBs real value is his ability to defend the pass. I bought a Winfield t-shirt with a Scheel's gift card, my first ever shirt with a name on it. I've learned why it was my first, and last. I'm sick up and fed. Velocity, check your Hopkins math ... seven fumbles per a 16 game season would be a fumble every other game. I'd imagine you made a typo. Never thought I'd have to cheer for the Cowboys. When will the Vikings defense force a game-changing turnover? We're due, man, we're due.

I would have had no problem with them going for two at the end of regulation. With Chili-Dogs "Kick-Ass Offense" they for sure would have converted. Was surprised that they wound up getting two possessions in the overtime period.

Yes Camel it was a typo. Royce stopped by and had about 50 people with him...you know how he rolls. I got a little distracted while typing.

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Go Johnnies!